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Spectrum Needs - Mito

  • $99.00

Mitochondria are the power house of the cell, and essential for appropriate brain development. Support your child’s mitochondria with this great-tasting all-in-one powder supplement.


Mitochondria are an often-overlooked part of our body, but they are essential because they create energy for every cell in our body. Healthy brain development needs healthy functioning mitochondria.

Spectrum needs is a great-tasting orange-flavored powder that contains all of the vitamins, mineral, and other nutrients that the mitochondria need to function normally.

The energy of the mitochondria are also needed to ensure proper pooping. The colon uses a lot of energy to evacuate the body’s waste every day. If your child needs a normal, daily #2, and you’re tired of using a laxative every day, you may want to try Spectrum Needs.

Want more mitochondrial support? Add Mitochondria ATP (which supports healthy Complex IV Mitochondrial Function) for complete Mitochondrial support.

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Spectrum Needs is a combination powder that supports Complex I Mitochondrial function. The combined group of vitamins and supplements isn’t found in any other formula. In fact, while you would have to use 10 different separate supplements to create this combination, you can simply stick with Spectrum Needs for all of it in one great tasting powder.

  • Constitute an excellent broad basis of essential micro-nutrition.
  • Promotes mitochondrial energy metabolism.
  • Generates essential cofactors, such as coenzyme A.
  • Provides strong antioxidant support for free radical removal.
  • Removes harmful metabolites, including certain organic acids.
  • Enhances methylation needs, and thereby assist in gene regulation.
  • Facilitate selected neurotransmission, including GABA receptors.
  • Assists in the regulation of insulin control.
  • Improves small vessel circulation in the brain.

The powder has a tangy citrus flavor and can be mixed in food or drink. It is naturally sweetened with monk fruit for just the right amount of sweetness.

Here are some research studies on mitochondria and children

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