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Answers to some of Spectrum Awakening’s most frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Which supplement should I give to my child?

  • All children are not the same, and they all need unique supplements to help them be their best. Many supplement companies are ‘1-hit wonders’, and claim their one product will do everything and help everybody. This just isn’t true.

    The great thing about Spectrum Awakening is that it has a multitude of great supplements that help different children. But, where to start?

    We’ve put together an eBook to guide you through the process. Download our FREE eBook and see which description fits your child, and which supplements to try first.

    Want the best advice possible? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Skowron and his team through his telemedicine clinic:

How do I give these supplements to my child?

  • Mix the powders into any food or drink. While the powders are designed to have as little flavor as possible, children have sensitive palates. Try different food items to disguise the supplements. Foods like applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt, or juice. Some parents will mix them into homemade popsicles or Jello in ice-cube trays. All of these supplements can be mixed with each other. They should not be mixed with calcium supplements, as this can reduce absorption.

How soon will I see improvements?

  • This is different for everyone. We believe our products are extremely effective, and believe that if take one bottle as directed, you should see some level of change by the time you finish that bottle. If you don’t, we recommend trying a different product in our line.

Are these supplements FDA approved?

  • Yes. All Spectrum Awakening products are FDA approved. The FDA has strict regulation on supplements. They require them to match label claim, which means what is on the label, is what is in the bottle. The FDA also regulates that natural supplements cannot claim to treat any medical condition. We abide by that law by not claiming that our supplements treat Autism or ADHD. However, our supplements are designed to support normal developmental and behavioral growth in our children, by giving their brains the nutrition they need to function correctly.

My child seems tired after taking these supplements. Can they cause fatigue?

  • Some children respond differently to serotonin nutritional agonists. If any supplement is causing sleepiness, give that supplement before bed.

Can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Skowron?

  • Yes! Dr. Skowron consults with you on the phone or on your computer. Tele-medicine appointments are available through his clinic website:

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