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ENT Probiotic Plus

  • $59.95

Not all probiotics are alike! Support your child’s immune system with a unique probiotic specifically designed to support healthy upper respiratory immunity.

Colds are a part of childhood and usually frequent our houses when school or daycare begins in the fall, and last through early spring. We want to do as much as we can to keep our children’s immune system healthy, so that the typical colds are few and far between.

Probiotics are a common supplement to support healthy digestion, however not all probiotics are the same! The probiotics in your ears, nasal cavity, and throat are completely different from the probiotics in your stomach and intestines.

You need to support the microbiome in the area that you’re concerned about. Support healthy upper respiratory immune health with the specific probiotics that live in that area with ENT Probiotic Plus.

The term ‘microbiome’ is a new popular term in integrative medicine. It is defined as the organisms that live in us, around us, and help keep us healthy. You can also call these organisms, ‘probiotics’.

Different forms of probiotics live in different areas of our body. Some can live in high oxygen areas, such as our ear, nasal cavity, and throat. Others live in areas of low oxygen, such as within our intestines. To best support normal immune function in a certain area, you need to use the correct probiotic.

ENT Probiotic Plus is a combination of an immune supportive supplement, beta-glucan, along with a specific probiotic strain, Streptococcus Salivarius. Combined, these are an excellent natural support for a healthy upper respiratory immune system.

Here are some research studies on beta-glucan and children

Recommended Dosing:

Try 1 chewable tablet daily.

As with all of our products, ENT Probiotic Plus is Gluten/Dairy-Free.

ENT Probiotic Plus is approved by Generation Rescue and Autism Hope Alliance.

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