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Spectrum Awakening puts families first.

Whether your child’s challenges include inappropriate behavior, struggles with communication, social anxiety, sensory issues, or other concerns, we are here to help.

About Spectrum Awakening

For the last 15 years, our biomedical physicians have worked hard through detailed research, careful resourcing, thorough testing, and clinical experience to develop effective support for your child’s ADHD or Autism treatments.

We are here to join you in your goal of helping your child reach their highest potential and live a happy and healthy life. Spectrum Awakening puts families first, which is why our products are incredibly easy to use and produce the results that parents are looking for. Our products come in a variety of delicious flavors or in tasteless powders that dissolve in water, juice, or food, allowing them to transition seamlessly into your child’s diet.

About the Founder:


Dr. Jared M. Skowron has been working with children with Autism and ADHD for over fifteen years.

He specializes in using natural, non-pharmaceutical therapies to support healthy neurological development. These natural treatments support healthy language development, calm behavior, normal sensory function, regular sleep patterns, emotional stability, and improved memory for children with Autism and ADHD.

Dr. Skowron also authored the Amazon best-selling book 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child. Dr. Skowron is a leading innovator in the realm of natural health solutions for children with Autism and ADHD and lectures internationally, educating parents about how natural therapies can help their children reach their full potential. As the creator of Spectrum Awakening, Dr. Skowron aims to benefit all families and children with the same supplement supports for Autism and ADHD that he uses in his private practice. He serves on the Editorial Board of Natural Practitioner magazine and on the advisory board of Autism Hope Alliance, NeuroNeeds, and Chemo & Crayons. He can be regularly seen on his local NBC news station in Connecticut where he serves as their Natural Medicine consultant.

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