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Mito Max

  • $78.95

Mitochondria produce energy for practically every cell of the body. That energy is necessary for growth, development, immune function, muscle strength and more! Mitochondria require certain nutrients to function optimally. While most kids (or adults) don't get all the nutrients they need in their diet, now you can! Mito Max contains the correct nutrients to support normal mitochondrial function. You will not find these in a Multi-Vitamin! Mito Max is a very specific combination of Carnitine, CoQ10, PQQ, NADH, ATP, and other key nutrients in a great tasting powder. Mito Max is Gluten, Dairy, and Soy-Free and has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Mitochondria produce energy for almost every cell of the body. Brain development requires a lot of energy, as does the gut and digestive system. Mitochondrial dysfunction will affect these parts of the body first. Nourish your child with the newest mitochondrial cocktail formula in the world!

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Carnitine, CoQ10, PQQ, NADH, AKG, Creatine, and ATP are a few of the key nutrients in this great tasting powder that support healthy mitochondrial function. Our body's need the energy produced by mitochondria to support healthy function of the gut, immune system, muscle strength, and brain development. Almost half of children with autism have mitochondrial dysfunction. Nourish your child today!

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