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Dr. Skowron is booking NEW patient Tele-Medicine appointments on Wednesdays. Schedule your time below!

Dr. Skowron and Dr. Smith coordinate together on all patients treatment plans indefinitely.


Call: 203-226-7107



Helping your child can be complicated and your child deserves the very best!

Drs. Skowron and Smith can help your child using only natural supplements.


Appointments can be:

  • Tele-Medicine, on your computer, anywhere in the world!

  • In Dr. Smith's clinic in Stamford, Connecticut. Thursdays only.

Prepare for you first visit!

  • Prepare a complete, chronological story about your journey with your child, from pregnancy to today.

  • List any Medications and Supplements they are currently taking.

  • Send any appropriate lab work or medical records.

Drs. Skowron and Smith will:

  • Review your child's story.

  • Discuss Autoimmunity, Brain Chemistry, Detoxification, Genetics, Gut/Diet, Hormones, Mitochondria.

  • Order Labwork.

  • Prepare treatment protocols.

  • Send a written review of your lab results with further treatment protocols.


First visit, 45-60 minutes, $500.
Follow up visits, 25-30 minutes, $250.
Insurances are not accepted.