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Inflammation on your mind? Curcumin is one of the most researched natural products to support healthy inflammation. So many of our kids have inflammation of the nervous system. Reduce it naturally with a combination of 1,000mg of Curcumin and over 500,000 units of the anti-inflammatory enzyme, Serratiopeptidase. Feel better today!

Have you heard of PANDAS or PANS? It is an autoimmune disease that can cause severe tics, seizures, or mood changes after a cold or infection. The inflammation from PANDAS and PANS can last for many months.

Supporting normal inflammation is essential. Try Spectrum Awakening's Curcum-Ease! All Spectrum Awakening supplements are gluten and dairy-free, and approved by the Autism Hope Alliance.

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Tags: Immune

Spectrum Awakening is here to help! Our ground-breaking new inflammation supplement, Curcum-Ease, is a unique formulation that helps the body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation. The major active ingredients are Curcumin and Serratiopeptidase.  This which works by nourishing the reduction of the inflammatory cascades within the brain.

Dose: 1 cap, twice daily

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