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Viruses can linger a long time in your nervous system or other parts of your body. Supporting your immune system can help it handle chronic viral infections. Viragone is a combination of four powerful anti-virals: Olive Leaf, Monolaurin, Scutellaria, and Isatis. Always gluten-free and dairy-free. Send those viruses away with Viragone!

Support your body's natural ability to fight viruses with Viragone. A blend of four powerful ingredients to nourish your body's removal of acute and chronic viruses.

Olive leaf, Monolaurin, Scuttelaria, and Isatis will help you feel better quickly!

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Tags: Immune

Spectrum Awakening is here to help! Our ground-breaking new supplement, Viragone, is a unique formulation that helps the body’s natural ability to fight viral infections, both acute and chronic. 

Chronic viruses often live in the nerve cells and can cause problems. Help your body get rid of them with Viragone!

Dose: 1 cap, twice daily

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