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Colloidal Silver Bullet

  • $60.95

Colloidal Silver is extremely popular lately, because it's a tasteless supplement that supports normal gut health and healthy immune function against infections. There is a lot of quality different on the market, where research shows up to 70% of products can be ineffective! Spectrum Awakening's Colloidal Silver Bullet is produced with superior quality to ensure great outcomes and great safety. Clean up your gut TODAY! (and your kids won't mind the taste) This product is Gluten, Dairy, Soy-Free AND non-GMO!


Gut health is so important for all of us, especially our kids that can often be dealing with infections, such as yeast, bacteria, mold, or parasites. While so many excellent natural therapies exist to support a strong gut immune system, taste is usually a problem.

Luckily, colloidal silver tastes like water! Kids will take this without fighting, and with it being a clear liquid, you can mix into water or other drinks and they'll never know!


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Support your own body's natural gut immune function process with Colloidal Silver Bullet!

Instructions: 1/2 tsp three times a day
Contraindications: none

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