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Yeast/Mold Bundle

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Want to get rid of Candida, Yeast, Mold or Fungi? Save 25% and try Spectrum Awakening's Yeast/Mold Bundle! Contains a Biofilm enzyme, a "Die-Off" Binder, and a choice of Grapefruit Seed Extract or Oregano, Ginger, and Fennel Oil. Support a healthy, clean gut with our Yeast/Mold Bundle. Satisfaction Guaranteed with our 30-day money back guarantee!


Ready to remove Candida, Yeast, Mold, and Fungi?

Step 1: Remove Biofilm

A biofilm is a protective layer around organisms. This needs to be dissolved so the organisms underneath can be exposed and removed. Take 1 cap twice daily with Yeast/Mold Binder and either GFSE or No More Mr Fun Guy to support this process.

Step 2: Remove Candida, Yeast, Mold, and Fungi

All-natural anti fungals are incredibly effective to support a healthy gut and microbiome. Choose capsules of Grapefruit seed extract or soft gels of oregano, ginger, and fennel oil from our Yeast/Mold Bundle. Take 1 cap/softgel twice daily with Yeast/Mold Biofilm and Binder.

If soft gels can be swallowed, we recommend No More Mr Fun Guy (tastes like a very potent Italian restaurant). If capsules need to be opened and mixed in food or drink, we recommend GFSE (which has a sour taste easily mixed in orange juice). Either of these choices will help nourish normal removal the organisms causing the problem!

Step 3: Remove Organisms

When Candida, Yeast, Mold, or Fungi are killed by our immune system and all-natural supplements that support this, there can be unwanted side effects, mostly behavioral or digestive problems called "Die-Off" reactions. These can be reduced by adding a binder which binds and removes the offending substances.

Take 1 cap twice daily with Yeast/Mold Binder and GFSE or No More Mr Fun Guy. 

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Take 1 capsule/soft gel of Biofilm, Binder, and either GFSE or No More Mr Fun Guy.

Take these 3 supplements together twice daily, morning and night.

The GFSE bundle includes 2 months of Biofilm, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Binder.

The No More Mr. Fun Guy Bundle includes 2 months of Biofilm and Binder, and 1.5 months of Oregano, Ginger, and Fennel Oil (No More Mr Fun Guy)

Want to check for Candida, Yeast, Mold, and Fungi? Order an OAT test from our website and receive a written interpretation from Dr. Skowron!