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Have you tried B12 shots? Do you have an MTHFR genetic mutation? Does your child... ..

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Chewable GABA

Sometimes our kids need to calm down and take a 'chill-pill'. Here it is! GABA... ..


Phosphatidyl Serine

Do you need better brain function or more focus? Try Phosphatidyl Serine! Nurturing our brain... ..



Our kids' behaviors can be quite dramatic. Whether it's temper tantrums, hyperactivity, or avoidance behaviors, we want to help our children be happy!

All-natural supplements can support normal mood and behaviors in your child.

Imagine! A house where you aren't walking on egg-shells or fewer calls from school. While happy wife may equal happy life, a happy child makes life more mild.

Try one of our behavior supplements! Every supplement has a 30-day money back guarantee. If your child doesn't like the taste, if you change your mind, or any reason at all, return any supplement within 30 days for a full refund. We believe our supplements will help your child!

and thanks! For helping us awaken the spectrum, with Spectrum Awakening.