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Gut Support


Magnesium glycinate powder is of the most important minerals for nervous system function. Many children who... ..


Gut Reset Shelf Stable

Gut Reset Shelf Stable

Probiotics are essential for healthy digestion, poop, and immune system. Problems with constipation or diarrhea... ..

$70.95 $71.95

PREbiotic Supreme

PREbiotic Supreme

We all know probiotics are the good bacteria in our gut. In fact, we have... ..

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Chewable Digestive Enzyme

Chewable Digestive Enzyme

Formulated for those who can’t swallow a pill, or are tired of taking too many,... ..

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Brown Log Train

Brown Log Train contains a perfect balance of minerals and electrolytes to move even the... ..



Leaky gut is common. Caused by a poor diet, imbalanced microbiome, candida, bacteria, parasites, or... ..


Gut Support

“You are what you eat,” they always say. However, if your food isn’t digested or absorbed properly, then the “you” part could be in trouble. Our gut health can be a huge factor in our overall health and well being. Issues with digestion and with your gastrointestinal (GI) tract can have profound effects on energy, mental clarity, mood, and sensory functioning.

It’s well known that children with autism often suffer from gut health issues that not only cause physical discomfort but also can exacerbate or even the cause of developmental and behavioral problems. Children with autism often have sensitivities or allergies to common foods, such as dairy products and gluten. While removing these items from your child’s diet can help see improvement, children with autism often have natural deficiencies in normally occurring chemicals and microorganisms that lead to digestive and GI problems.

Spectrum Awakening has you and your child’s gut health covered, with natural supplements that support digestive efficiency, gastrointestinal health, microbiome diversity and the absorption of essential nutrients. Our products are formulated to comprehensive and effective, with safe, specialized doses not commonly found over the counter.

Your ‘gut’ instinct is right, you need to help your child’s gut. Using our specialized mega dose PRObiotics, our diversified PREbiotics, along with supplements to maintain normal bacteria and microbiome levels (nobody wants nasty yeast in there), you will help your child.

Start by reading our FREE eBook and use what seems like the best fit. Remember! There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work, send it back and try something else.

Let’s awaken the Spectrum, with Spectrum Awakening.