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Homeopathy helps support natural detoxification and a healthy immune system. It is a very unique and powerful natural therapy invented by a German Medical Doctor in the late 1700s.

A different theory on medicine compared to pharmaceutical medicine or herbal medicine, homeopathy derives its strength from dilution rather than increasing dosage. Homeopathy follow the motto, "Like Cures Like." Similar to allergy shots, where a tiny amount of the substance that you are allergic to, reverses your allergy, homeopathy gives dilutions of a substance to reverse the negative effects of the substance.

Spectrum Awakening offers homeopathic preparations of MMR vaccine, Hep B vaccine, DTaP vaccine, and Acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol, paracetamol, Cal-Pol). The idea is that the homeopathic preparations of these substances can support the healing from any common or rare side effects of these substances.

NOTE! The homeopathic preparations do NOT contain any vaccine, virus, or acetaminophen. They are homeopathic preparations of these substances.

Dr. Skowron has seen improvements in language and cognition when giving these homeopathics to children in his practice. If you feel you saw a common or rare side effect to any of these substances, try Spectrum Awakening's homeopathics!

We have a 30-day refund policy, so if it doesn't work, send it back for a refund!

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