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Yeast/Mold GFSE

  • $46.95

Eradicate candida, yeasts, molds, and fungi with a powerful all-natural herbal product, Yeast/Mold GFSE! Support a healthy gut and microbiome by ensuring the right bugs are in your gut.

Have you ever seen green or white fuzz on old bread, maybe old cheese in the back of your refrigerator drawer? Ever wonder how it gets there, and whether we’re consuming it?

These candidas, yeasts, molds, and fungi can either originate in your house, where it lands on your food and grows, or more likely, the it originated in the food from the factory and was too small to see with the naked eye until it grew big and fuzzy enough for you to see.

That doesn’t leave us with many options! These live organisms can infect our gut and cause digestive problems, bowel irregularities, behavioral problems, and more! We need to get rid of it as fast as we can.

Spectrum Awakening's Yeast/Mold GFSE contains concentrated grapefruit seed extract (GFSE), that supports the healthy eradication of the candida, yeast, mold, or fungi. This product can be used solo or combined with our Yeast/Mold Bundle that contains a Biofilm enzyme and Binder (to prevent die off reactions).

Tags: Gut Support

All-natural candida, yeast, molds, and fungi killers include simple items, such as grapefruit seed extract. Yeast/Mold GFSE contains a powerful GFSE concentrate to support normal microbiome and gut health.  

Dosage: 1 capsule, twice a day (2 total).

Taste: Sour, like grapefruit. Can be mixed well into sour/sweet things, such as orange juice or berry yogurt. .

Synergy: Combine with our Biofilm enzyme and Binder for best results. Save 25% by using Yeast/Mold Bundle! 

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