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Detox Bundle

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Bundle & Save! Detoxification is one of the most important parts of our health. Support your child's natural and healthy detox processes with our safe, effective, and all-natural Detox Bundle!

Aluminum and Mercury are extremely neurotoxic and given to our children at a very early age. These toxic metals can create damage to the body and brain as long as they remain inside us. This can last decades. The faster you support the healthy removal of these toxic substances, the sooner your child's brain and body can heal.

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Spectrum Awakening's Detox Bundle includes three powerful and safe, all-natural supplements:

Shot Support - A homeopathic combination to support the body's removal of toxic metals. It includes homeopathic silica, arnica, and the secret ingredient, homeopathic Calcium Oxide, which is used by waste water industries to remove toxic substances.
Dose: 5 drops before bed

Detox Binder-rrific - A chlorella based binder supplement that supports normal removal of a myriad of toxic substances.
Dose: 2 capsules before bed

Detox Mineral Replacement - When detoxifying, minerals may also be removed from the body. Stay healthy during your detoxification by replacing lost minerals with Spectrum Awakening's Detox Mineral Replacement. It is a sweet-tasting powder that can be mixed in food or drink.
Dose: 1 scoop in the morning

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