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Yeast/Mold Binder

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Got "Die-off" reactions from candida, yeast, or mold leaving the body? Bind them and reduce those reactions with Spectrum Awakening’s Yeast/Mold Binder. This all-natural supplement contains 35 active ingredients, supporting the healthy removal of unwanted organisms from the body.

Cleaning up. It seems like that job never ends as a parent, doesn’t it? There’s always toys here, spills there, and chaos reigns supreme. When something spills, we need to clean it up, because if we don't, more problems can occur. The same thing applies to our candida, yeast, mold, and fungi in our gut. "Die-off" reactions are problems that occur when organisms in the gut are destroyed. Binding them with Yeast/Mold Binder helps reduce those "Die-off" reactions.

Tags: Gut Support

Your child will start to feel and act so much better once candida, yeast, mold and fungi are out of the body. One of the most researched natural supplements proven effective to remove mold is chlorella. This algae and others binds and removes unwanted organisms. (Chlorella also binds aluminum and removes it from the body!)

Recommended dosage: 1 capsules, twice a day (2 total)

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