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Sanity Saver

  • $71.95

Our first parent product! Parenthood is tough, and some of us need support too! Sanity Saver will help you if you’re feeling stressed out.

Having problems with transitions or temper? Vitamins for temper tantrums and anxiety support healthy levels of cortisol. Stress affects your cortisol level and eventually makes you feel like you can’t handle life anymore. Add together your kids, your job, your spouse, your family, and everything else that life puts on you, it’s OK to have a little support.

Sanity Saver supports healthy adrenal and cortisol function so you can handle more through the day, and save a little bit of your sanity.

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Tags: Behavior , Hormones

Often, when we’re under stress, our cortisol levels become out of balance. I describe cortisol like a dynamite fuse. If you have a lot of cortisol, you have a long fuse and it takes a long time before you explode. If you have a small amount of cortisol, your fuse is short, and only one little thing from a child, spouse, coworker, or family member will send you over the edge.

Stop going into ‘Fight or Flight’ so easily! Support a healthy stress response with our adrenal cortex glandular product, Sanity Saver.

Trust me, it’s ok to get help as a parent. We can’t do it all, but Sanity Saver will help you do a little more with a smile on your face.

Recommended Dosing:

1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule at lunch.

One bottle lasts two months (or 1 month if both parents are saving their sanity.)

Here are some research studies on cortisol, stress, and parents.

As with all of our products, Sanity Saver is Gluten/Dairy-Free.

Sanity Saver is approved by Generation Rescue and Autism Hope Alliance.

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