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Attention On The Double

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Is your child distracted or impulsive? Perhaps your child is sensory-seeking? Give them some Attention… On the Double!


Need help with focus, concentration, or ADHD? Attention On The Double is a natural amino acid supplement that supports normal production of dopamine. This brain chemical acts as a brain stimulant and helps a child focus, concentrate, and feel motivated. Healthy dopamine levels are associated with good focus, concentration, and our reward system. Without dopamine feeding the brain, people tend to feel anxious and seek input from other sources.

Some children are constantly seeking input. Our ‘sensory-seekers’, those who jump around from couch to couch, kids who love video games and electronics, are attempting to stimulate themselves when they lack their own chemical stimulus of dopamine.

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Tags: Behavior , Speech

Dopamine plays a vital role in helping us keep an appropriate focus on tasks, whether it be in a classroom, during homework, or at our house or job. The major ingredient of this product is tyrosine, which supports healthy levels of dopamine.

Our Powder form (Attention on the Double)  includes Vitamin C and Iron, important for dopamine production in the brain. Our Caps form (Attention on the Dopamine) includes a B-vitamin complex with activated MethylFolate and MethylB12. 

Get healthy Attention and Focus quickly, with Attention On The Double.

Here are some research studies on dopamine and children

Recommended Dosing:

Try 1 cap in the morning, and 1 cap after school.

As with all of our products, Attention On the Double is Gluten/Dairy-Free.

Attention On the Double is approved by Autism Hope Alliance.

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