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Yeast/Mold GFSE - Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 2

  • $49.95

Spectrum Awakening’s Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 2 is our specially formulated enzyme supplement, Delete.

Have you ever seen green or white mold on old bread, maybe old cheese in the back of your refrigerator drawer? Ever wonder how it gets there, and whether we’re consuming it?

These molds can either originate in your house, where mold in the air falls on your food and grows, or more likely, the mold originated in the food from the factory and was too small to see with the naked eye until it grew big and fuzzy enough for you to see.

That doesn’t leave us with many options to avoid mold! There’s either mold in our house air, getting into our lungs, through our skin, and on our food, or there’s mold in our food from the factory, and we consume it in microscopic amounts without even noticing it’s there.

Tags: Detox

All-natural mold killers include simple items, such as vinegar and citrus oils. One of the most effective is grapefruit seed extract. Ingestion of vinegar and baking soda can cause some stomach upset, as it reduces natural stomach acid levels, so grapefruit seed extract is the preferred method to remove mold naturally. 

Dosage: 1 capsules, twice a day (2 total)

Taste: Mildly sour like grapefruit. Easily mixed into orange juice, lemonade, berry yogurts, or other foods with a sour profile.

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