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Yeast/Mold Biofilm - Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 1

  • $59.95

Spectrum Awakening’s Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 1 starts with our specially formulated enzyme supplement, Dissolve.

What do you do with a stain on your clothes? What do we do with a spill on our carpet? What does our body do with the foods we eat?

Removing things, whether it’s a stain on our clothes, our carpets, or digesting our food into microscopic pieces, start with dissolving them with enzymes. Enzymes are a unique substances that will take big things and dissolve them into tinier things. The word ‘enzyme’ comes from the Greek word ‘Leavened’. Think of bread rising. The enzymes used in cooking bread convert sugar into air, causing our bread to inflate.

Tags: Detox

Mold needs to be dissolved. Enzyme treatments are used to dissolve mold in your homes, on your basement walls, and we can also use enzymes internally to dissolve mold in the body. 

Many people are familiar with digestive enzymes. These natural supplements are taken with food to help digest your food. When we take enzyme supplements BEFORE our food, these enzymes will help dissolve mold, yeast, and biofilms inside our body. 

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules, twice a day (4 total)

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