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Speech Delay / Dyspraxia / Apraxia eBook

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Language is so important. We need to understand our children, and they need to understand us. They need to communicate with their teachers, their therapists, their family and friends. While speech therapy is essential for this process, you can make it faster!

Please don’t equate language with intelligence! Our society does judge based on the words that come out of our mouth, and when a child doesn’t have words or doesn’t have age-appropriate communication, society judges them as less intelligent. This is NOT the case! We need to help our children express their feelings and needs. We need to help them learn and use words and language appropriately.

Spectrum Awakening wants to help you, your child, and your family. We want to help you understand your child, help them have more language, so there is more understanding, more communication, more learning, more fun, less temper and frustration, and most importantly, help them obtain their full potential as they grow up.

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