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Special De-LIVER-y

  • $39.95

Support your own body’s natural detoxification pathways by taking Special De-LIVER-y.

It’s a dirty world out there, whether air pollution, pesticides in our foods, or toxins in our water. Our body is constantly removing the bad things, and hopefully we remove them faster than we take them in. These toxins can contribute to chronic illness over time. Support your own body’s natural detoxification pathways (governed mostly by the Liver and Kidney) by taking Special De-LIVER-y.

Tags: Grown-Ups

A robust blend of herbs that maintain healthy detoxification, which includes Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Buplerum, Beet Root, Juniper Berry, Tumeric, Gentian, and NAC (supporting glutathione production). Will you feel cleaner by helping your body be cleaner? Try Special De-LIVER-y and discover the potential!

Consult your physician to monitor liver/kidney markers, along with medication dosages while taking Special De-LIVER-y.

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