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Shot Support

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People of any age can use Shot Support to support the body's own detoxification pathways to remove aluminum and mercury. If you think that you or your child have side effects from a vaccine, help maintain good health with Shot Support!

Vaccines have side-effects. Homeopathic supplements for vaccine reactions can help support the body's healing and recovery from them. Detoxifying mercury and aluminum is essential for good development and health. Children with autism and ADHD can have high levels of mercury and aluminum and can be supported with detox supplements.

For example, review this link of side effects of the MMR vaccine from the FDA.

Also, look at our picture from the CDC website. They list severe side effects of the MMR vaccine of seizures and brain damage.

Our opinion is that some of the side effects are triggered by the inactive ingredients, especially neurotoxic substances, such as aluminum and mercury (mercury, also known as thimerosal, has been removed from many vaccines, it is still in the flu shot).

These neurotoxic heavy metals cause damage in the body until they are removed.

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Support your own body's natural detoxification process with Shot Support! Try our FDA-APPROVED homeopathic and nourish your body to safely remove these toxins so they no longer are causing problems in yourself or your child.

Instructions: 5 drops before bed
Can be mixed in water
Contraindications: none

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