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Happy Drops Hemp

  • $74.95

Does your child want to feel happier? Do you want to support healthy behavior and mood? Do it naturally with ORGANIC Happy Drops Hemp!

NOTE: No international orders. This product is only available to ship within the United States.

Spectrum Awakening's super concentrated hemp derived phytocannabinoid is certified organic, purified of heavy metals down to parts per billion, and assayed for 24 pesticides with negative results for all. 

Customer Reviews

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We use a supercritical CO2 extraction method which provides the cleanest and purest tasting extract because there is no solvent remaining in the product (no butane or ethanol taste like other companies).

Many patients object to the taste and smell of hemp products and love ours because their children take it easily. 

As with all of our products, Happy Drops Hemp is Gluten/Dairy-Free.

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