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Food Sensitivity Test - IgG - Fingerstick Blood

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Why guess? When you can TEST! Our Food Sensitivity IgG Test can help you streamline your diet to avoid foods that cause you inflammation, contributing to emotional changes, inflammation, and digestive problems. This test is NOT AVAILABLE internationally or in NY State. It is available to all 49 USA states except New York.

Everyone has their own perfect diet. Which foods are good for you? Which foods are bad for you? Certain foods can cause inflammation, behavioral changes, and digestive problems. Don't guess, when you can TEST!

Spectrum Awakening's Food Sensitivity IgG Food Test can identify inflammatory antibodies to 30 common foods. This is NOT a food ALLERGY test, that can be performed by your PCP or allergist. This test is a finger stick blood sample, which you collect at home. Your test results will come with an interpretation and supplement recommendations from Dr. Skowron.

Tags: Lab Tests

Food Sensitivity IgG Tests can identify inflammation inducing antibodies to 30 different foods.

Follow all instructions in the test kit when you receive it. Approximately 4 weeks after sending the test sample to the lab, you will receive an email with your test results, along with a customized, individualized interpretation guide from Dr. Skowron. (Always consult your physician before making any changes to medications or supplements.)

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