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Pre-Order Detox Regression Homeopathic

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We sold out of our product in 2 days! Don't worry, more is on the way. Pre-order and your order will be sent as soon as we get our next batch made!

Help reverse developmental regression, naturally and homeopathically! This combination of two homeopathic supplements supports the body's natural ability to heal from a developmental regression. It is never too late to help your child!

Developmental regressions are becoming more common in our children around the ages of 12-24 months.

Reversing this regression has just become easier and faster with Spectrum Awakening's Detox Regression Homeopathics!

It is time to help your children naturally and safely.

You will notice a difference in your child within one month, GUARANTEED!

If you don't like the changes you see, return the supplements within 30 days for a complete refund!


Alternate the two homeopathic supplements:
Take 1 pellet Homeopathic MMR before bed
alternating the next night
Take 1 pellet of Homeopathic Actetaminophen before bed

These are made with Lactose, be mindful if there is a dairy allergy.
These do NOT contain any MMR or Acetaminophen. They are homeopathic preparations.
Homeopathic MMR 30C
Homeopathic Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) 200C

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