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Aluminum Detox Bundle

  • $144.90
  • $79.95

BUNDLE & SAVE! These supplements support normal detox of Aluminum. A horrible brain toxin, a healthy child should have poisons removed from their system. Detox safely with our Aluminum Detox Bundle!

Aluminum toxicity causes brain damage and developmental delays. Everyone receives aluminum through vaccines, aspirin, antacids, and other sources.

It is time to help your children naturally and safely.

Try our Aluminum Detox Bundle and you can feel good knowing you are helping your child be healthier everyday!

You will notice a difference in your child within one month, GUARANTEED!

If you don't like the changes you see, return the supplements within 30 days fora complete refund!


Shot Support - 5 drops in water before bed
Super Folinic Acid - 1/8 -1/4 tsp in the morning in food or drink


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