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Aluminum Homeopathic Detox Combo

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Our two-part homeopathic detox specifically targets neurotoxic aluminum. Our special homeopathic detox combo works synergistically with the Coseva TRS product, supporting quick, healthy removal of toxic metals from your child.

Homeopathy is an excellent way to move toxins across the blood-brain-barrier. While toxins in the blood stream are easily filtered by the liver and kidney, toxins that remain within the cell, especially the brain cell, are difficult to remove.

The CDC toxicology department states that aluminum has a 50-year half-life in our bodies. That means without detox support, it will take 100 years to remove 75% of the aluminum in your body. We need to work faster than that!

Using our Aluminum Homeopathic Detox Combo, along with Coseva Advanced TRS will support natural, fast detoxification of heavy metals from your child and their brain.

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While homeopathy is not greatly understood biologically, it does have amazing clinical effects. I explain it to patients this way: a small dose of a substance will magnetically attract the same substance across a cell membrane, and then will be processed out of the body through natural detoxification of the liver and kidney.

Great changes have been seen in the children in my clinic after using homeopathy detox for aluminum.

Many states a lack of research of homeopathy, however, that is to the contrary. A recent study showed homeopathy was beneficial in pediatric acute encephalitis. A link below highlights almost 500 studies that mention homeopathy and children.

Here are some research studies on homeopathy and children

Recommended Dosing:

Try 5 drops of each bottle (10 drops total) before bed.

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