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Heavy Metal Urine Test

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Why guess? When you can TEST! Our highest-quality heavy metal urine test will identify toxic heavy metal levels in your body along with urine mineral levels. This test is NOT AVAILABLE internationally or in NY State. It is available to all 49 USA states except New York.

We live in a toxic world. Heavy metals, such as Mercury, Lead, and Aluminum can cause neurological problems and developmental delays. IF those toxins are still in your body or brain, they will continue to cause cell damage and problems. Detoxification can be helpful if there are toxins present. Don't guess, when you can TEST!

Spectrum Awakening's Heavy Metal Urine Test can heavy metal. levels in your body. This test will also analyze urine levels of many minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, and copper. Your test results will come with an interpretation and supplement recommendations from Dr. Skowron.

Tags: Lab Tests

High-Quality Heavy Metal Tests can identify toxins inside your body. If these are contributing to health problems, they can be removed safely to support normal health.

Follow all instructions in the test kit when you receive it. Approximately 4 weeks after sending the test sample to the lab, you will receive an email with your test results, along with a customized, individualized interpretation guide from Dr. Skowron. (Always consult your physician before making any changes to medications or supplements.)

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