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Afternoon Delight

  • $44.95

Bow-chicka-bow-wow! Support normal testosterone levels and increased libido with Afternoon Delight!

Eventually, it’s time to enjoy life. Sometimes the stress of life, the stress of parenting, work, family, etc, can suck away our desire for physical enjoyment. Especially as we age, or with excess stress, testosterone levels can decrease. (Both men and women have testosterone, it’s not just a guy thing.) With that decreasing testosterone levels, often our libido decreases. Support a normal testosterone level with Afternoon Delight!

Tags: Grown-Ups

A simple, yet effective extract of the Longifolia herb, it is standardized for optimal potency of Glycosaponins, Europeptides, Polysaccharides, and Eurycomanones.

Consult your physician to monitor your testosterone levels, along with medication dosages while enjoying Afternoon Delight.

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